West Knox Utility District (WKUD) is a utility providing water and wastewater to portions of Knox and Anderson Counties. WKUD currently provides service to approximately 26,000 residential, commercial, and industrial consumersmore info


WKUD provides water and wastewater service to over 26,000 customers. Current average growth is approximately 150 new services per year. WKUD demonstrates the ability to address rapid service growth; to secure the necessary capital; and to provide needed infrastructure while providing quality service to existing customers.

The District provides water and wastewater service to several Knox County Schools, such as Karns High School, Karns Elementary, Karns Middle, Ball Camp Elementary, Cedar Bluff Elementary, Cedar Bluff Middle, Hardin Valley Elementary, and the Hardin Valley campus of Pellissippi State Community College. In addition, there are several private schools: Webb High School, Christian Academy of Knoxville, and Tate’s School of Discovery. Water and wastewater service is also provided to Fort Sanders Parkwest Hospital.

The District also provides water and wastewater service to several Industrial and Commercial Parks, such as Westbridge, Centerpoint, and Hardin Valley.