West Knox Utility District


West Knox Utility District (WKUD) is a utility providing water and wastewater to portions of Knox and Anderson Counties. WKUD currently provides service to approximately 26,000 residential, commercial, and industrial consumers … more info


Presently, West Knox Utility District charges $ 50.00 (fifty dollars) to test each backflow preventer. Alternately you may wish to have your backflow prevention device tested by someone else. This is permissible provided that the device is tested by a State certified technician or plumber. The test results and proof of certification shall then be forwarded to WKUD within 10 business days of the test.

For more information about Backflow Preventers please call:
Jason Trammell – OR – Dustin Bolen
865-690-2521 ext. 210

For more certified testers see the link below

Certified Backflow Testers