West Knox Utility District


Water Info

West Knox Utility District's water distribution system consists of piping ranging from two inch to twenty-four inch diameter. Materials include cast iron (CIP), ductile iron (DIP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and galvanized iron.

The distribution system is fed from the Williams Bend Water Treatment Plant and Frank J. Daugherty Water Treatment Plant. The Williams Bend Plant is located near the end of Williams Bend Road and adjacent to the Melton Hill Park. The Frank J. Daugherty Plant is located at the intersection of Henderson Road and Toby Hollow Road.  Source water for both plants is the Melton Hill Reservoir.

The Williams Bend Plant pumps water through a twenty-four inch main through the Pellissippi booster station to a new twenty-four inch main and a sixteen inch main located at the intersection of Steele Road and Sam Lee Road. The sixteen-inch main extends down Steele Road, Hardin Valley Road, and Middlebrook Pike to feed Cedar Bluff Road east, Karns/Ball Camp communities north, and Lovell Road south.

The Frank J. Daugherty Water Plant pumps through parallel twelve-inch and eight-inch mains along Henderson, Emory, and Byington-Beaver Ridge Roads to Beaver Ridge Road. At Beaver Ridge Road the eight-inch main heads east along Beaver Ridge Road. The twelve-inch main continues along Byington-Beaver Ridge Road to its intersection with Solway Road. At Oak Ridge Highway and Emory Road the twelve-inch main intersects with an eight-inch main that supplies water to Oak Ridge Highway and Emory Road.

Water storage for the District presently stands at 8,500,000 gallons. The District presently maintains a total of five storage tanks. The Pellissippi Reservoirs are located west of Pellissippi Parkway and north of Carmichael Road. A 2,000,000 gallon steel tank and a 2,000,000 gallon concrete tank are located there. Two more reservoirs are located at the end of Westop Trail in Westop Subdivision. The Westop tank consists of a 1,000,000 gallon steel tank and a 2,000,000 gallon concrete tank. The final tank is a 1,500,000 gallon concrete tank located on Beaver Ridge off of Weaver Road.