West Knox Utility District


Wastewater Info

West Knox Utility District operates a 4 million-gallon per day wastewater treatment plant located in the West Bridge Industrial Park just off Hardin Valley Road. The plant receives flow from approximately 325 miles of gravity sewer main and some 50 pump stations.

Due to recent State and Federal Regulations West Knox Utility District has upgraded its plant to meet stringent tertiary limits. The treatment process consists of a comminutor, influent pump station, externally fed fine screens, oxidation ditches (providing biological treatment), secondary clarifiers, tertiary multi-media filters, chlorine disinfection, and sulfur dioxide dechlorination. Wasted biosolids are dewatered with a belt press, alkaline stabilized, and then land applied. Effluent is discharged into Beaver Creek at mile 10.7.

West Knox Utility District is very proud of its wastewater treatment plant. Removal rates for conventional pollutants range from 98 to 99 percent producing a clear, clean effluent. In order to verify and monitor the results West Knox Utility District operates a sophisticated wastewater laboratory. There the water is tested to insure the plant is meeting its strict standards.

As you can see West Knox Utility District is committed to providing wastewater treatment excellence and goes to great efforts to improve the treatment process whenever possible. We want our customers to be informed about the wastewater treatment process and welcome any and all questions.