West Knox Utility District


Web Site Changes

Why Are We Switching to a New Web Site?

We are making changes to introduce some new features and make it possible to offer future features such as signing up for service online.

Where Did Everything Go?

We have moved the links to various functions around to make them easier to see and group them logically. Links are located in the top right part of the page. Some are also at the bottom of the page.

Online Bill Pay Change

Starting August 15, 2013 anyone using the online bill pay capability will have to register on the site. This will make it easier to contact you in case there is a problem with your online payment.

If You Registered on the Old Site

You will initially log in to the new site with your account number and password just as you did on the old site. We will take you through a simple conversion process that lets you choose a user name and password to use on the new site.

Additional Security Features

Part of your user information will be a security question and answer of your choosing. This will be used if you need to unlock your account after too many failed login attempts. It may also be used to verify your identity when making account changes.

My Account

A new My Account page centralizes management of user-related information. Here you can easily change your email address and password.

Managing Multiple Accounts

You can now manage multiple WKUD accounts through a single user name and password. The "Add Account" feature lets you associate multiple accounts with your user name.